[FITNESS] Weightlifting

One thing I can say, weightlifting changed my life.  It’s been the one thing that help transform my body and I’ve stayed consistent with my weight and healthy lifestyle for over a year now.

There are other workouts such as cardio and plyometrics to my weekly routine, but I believe weightlifting has become the major role in changing my life.  And it’s the one thing I will never skip during the week.

I enjoy working with free weights more than stationary machines at conventional gyms.  So any form of barbell with bumper plates or kettlebell work is right up my alley.  You’ll find my at crossfit style gyms or barbell clubs for my weightlifting routine.

Some general tips I have for weightlifting:

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1. Coach: Get a proper, professional weightlifting coach to go over proper form and technique.  it will be an investment, but you’ll be investing in your body.

2. Friends: Lifting with friends is much more fun than lifting alone.  You’ll find it to feel less like working hard and more like hanging out, and they will turn into a great group of motivators.  You learn from the who you surround yourself with.

3. Mobility: Recovery and mobility work are key to proper form.  Never ignore pre and post workout routines and always let your body recovery and refuel from hard work.  This all goes with having a professional coach that will guide you into the proper routine to care for your body.

Why should you add weightlifting into your fitness routine?

– Muscles burn fat.  Studies shows that adding weights into your fitness routine helps build muscle fibers that helps speed up metabolism.  Leans out the body, burning fat and showing toned muscles.  And ladies, it doesn’t make you bulky.

– Great for sport training.  High intensity lifting help your muscles push themselves in high intensity sports.

– Body awareness and mobility.  Just like yoga and pilates, weightlifting is all about proper technique, form, and body positioning.

– Strengthens your core and back, making day time job at the desk less stressful on your body.

It’s all about finding what works for your mind and body.  And then you stick with it!

Strong Body, Strong Mind


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